4 effective ways to get more Facebook Likes

As you have recently created a Facebook fan page, the one question I bet you presently want answered is how to get more likes for it. Well, if you browse the internet, you’ll get numerous answers to your query. Even established brands with so many fans face this challenge to get Shares, Likes and Comments. But there are some proven ways that would give you quick results.

Check out those 4 tested techniques:

Get Facebook Likes

  1. Use existing networks to the fullest:

You cannot directly ask for likes to someone unknown, can you? So, it’s better to begin with your existing network. You can tell your dear friends, family members, employees, colleagues, and other close online contacts to like your new page.

Usually, it’s a bad idea to jump on the suggest feature of Facebook and seek for Likes. Instead, give more priority to those people who are more familiar with your business and brand for an effective Like campaign. That would be a good promotional technique.

Once you gain popularity from this circle, gradually expand your reach till you think it’s enough. Ask your friends to share with their friends and further to reach out to a wider circle.

How to do?

  • Obviously, you need to chat with your friends and let them know about your fan page and Liking.
  • Also, ask them to promote the page so that more people in their circle can view it.
  • Do you have a blog or website? You can post a Like button there for your Facebook fan page.
  • You can again include the vanity URL of your Facebook page in your email’s signature.
  1. Move out of your online zone:

What most people do while conducting a Facebook Likes campaign is limit themselves to this social media platform. Don’t ignore offline activities as these are very effective strategies for your promotion and marketing.

When you meet a concerned person, try explaining him or her about the purpose if your page and its benefits. Sending a request email asking for favor is a good idea. If you have promotional materials, you can add your vanity URL there.

How to do?

  • You must be having brochures or business cards. Make sure to add the URL of your Facebook fan page on them.
  • If you attend any event on networking or similar, mention or discuss your fan page. Share your idea and purpose so that listeners get engaged and visit your page to know more.
  • In the industry, there are people who own a Facebook Like page. Connect with them and share your link. They would appreciate your effort and share it with own
  • Suppose you have a jewelry shop, you can do outdoor advertising in prominent areas mentioning about your fan page.
  1. Your contents should be exclusive:

No matter how attractive the design is, if there’s poor content, none will stay on our page, forget Likes. So, you have to feed that page with premium content and exclusive information that will drag more people and of course, their Likes.

There’s the reveal tab which is by default, landing page of non-fans to your page. Here you can welcome them providing information about your page in a call to action tone for liking. But above all, you must have an exclusive and engaging content.

How to do?

  • Before posting something, think of your purpose and keep yourself in the position of your viewers.
  • Mention about some discounts, special offers, recently launched video or merely a hilarious content.
  • A proficient designer can help you customize your page
  • It is important that you monitor your success rate.
  1. Try to run a Facebook Ad:

To widely promote your fan page, if you don’t mind spending some money, go for running ads. The in-house ad platform of Facebook is a fine way for reaching out to your target audience, who might otherwise not find you.

In fact, Facebook’s ad wizard is really helpful in exposing your ad to desired public’s. They include people who reside in same area, who have liked same pages, or sometimes within target age bracket, etc.

How to do?

  • On holidays or special occasions, you can run theme based ads.
  • If your budget is limited, you can run ads for specific periods when more exposure is needed.
  • You can also align your advertisement with an already existing campaign.

So, instead of confusing with so many methods given on internet, try out these four proven approaches for a successful Facebook Likes campaign.

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