Euro 2024 Qualifiers: England Secures Their Spot with a Thrilling Victory Over Italy (2023)


In a scintillating comeback performance, England secured their place at Euro 2024 with a remarkable 3-1 victory over Italy at Wembley. This crucial win, orchestrated by the leadership of captain Harry Kane and the electrifying performance of Jude Bellingham, has solidified England's dominance in Group C, with 16 points, three ahead of second-placed Ukraine. In this article, we delve into the details of this stunning match, highlighting key moments and standout players.

The Early Setback

The match got off to a surprising start as Gianluca Scamacca found the back of the net early, putting Italy ahead. England, needing just a point to secure their qualification, faced the challenge of making a comeback from this unexpected deficit.

Captain Kane Leads the Charge

The response came swiftly from England's star striker, Harry Kane. He not only converted a crucial penalty but also demonstrated his clinical prowess with a well-executed second goal after a breakaway strike from Marcus Rashford. Kane's performance elevated him to new heights, taking his international tally to an impressive 61 goals.

Jude Bellingham: The Real Star

While Kane's goalscoring heroics stole the spotlight, it was Jude Bellingham who emerged as the true star of the match. Not only did he win the penalty that led to England's equalizer, but he also showcased exceptional pace and skill, setting up Rashford for the second goal. Bellingham's outstanding performance earned him a standing ovation, with manager Gareth Southgate praising his incredible mentality and maturity at such a young age.

Dominant England

England's victory was not just about the goalscorers. The entire team displayed remarkable synergy, and their relentless pursuit of victory was evident throughout the match. Southgate emphasized the importance of mentality, and it was clear that this factor played a pivotal role in their success.

Italy's Struggles

On the other side, Italy faced significant challenges. The backdrop of disarray, with key players like Sandro Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo withdrawn from the squad due to an investigation into illegal betting, created a turbulent environment. Italy's incisive attacking play contrasted with England's more ponderous approach, highlighting the impact of off-field issues on their performance.

Security Concerns

The heightened security presence at Wembley, following the unfortunate incident involving the abandonment of Belgium's Euro 2024 Qualifier against Sweden, was a reminder of the importance of maintaining safety in football events. The robust policing plan ensured that the match proceeded without major disruptions.

Looking Ahead

With this victory, England secures their spot at Euro 2024, leading Group C with 16 points. In contrast, Italy now risks missing out on a second consecutive major tournament, currently with 10 points, three behind Ukraine. The fate of both teams hangs in the balance as they approach their final qualifiers.


England's triumphant comeback against Italy at Wembley stands as a testament to the team's unwavering spirit and determination. Harry Kane's clinical finishing and Jude Bellingham's star performance have undoubtedly left a lasting impression. As the journey to Euro 2024 continues, both England and Italy face critical matches that will determine their fates in this prestigious tournament.

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