Exploring the Rich History of Mapuches: Warriors of Chile (2023)


Mapuches, also known as the "people of the earth," constitute an indigenous community thriving in the southern regions of Chile, particularly in the Araucanía and Patagonia regions. This article delves into the historical roots, cultural nuances, and formidable warriors that have shaped the identity of the Mapuche people.

Origins and Cultural Significance

The origins of the Mapuche people trace back to around the 5th century, evidenced by cultural manifestations in the Intermedial Depression of Chile. While uncertainties shroud their exact origins, historical narratives suggest connections to the Bato, El Vergel, Llolleo, and Pitrén cultures. When Spanish explorers arrived in the 16th century, Mapuches occupied the area between the Aconcagua Valley and Chiloé Island, resisting both Incan and Spanish influence.

The Mapuche Warriors: Masters of Strategy and Skill

Formation and Leadership

During times of conflict, Mapuche warriors formed expansive groups called "rehues," composed of various "lofs" or family units. A "toqui" led these rehues, chosen based on martial prowess, oratory skills, and reputation. The position was not hereditary but rather conferred for the duration of a conflict or as deemed fit by the loncos, leaders of Mapuche communities.

Training and Rituals

Mapuche warriors, or "weichafe," underwent rigorous training from a young age, focusing on the "Kollellaullin" or "ant strength." This martial art, encompassing various disciplines like Palín and Pillman, aimed to instill physical prowess and discipline.

Weapons and Tactics

The weaponry mastery of Mapuche warriors extended to various arms, but the macana, a formidable club capable of shattering Spanish armor, emerged as a favorite. These warriors showcased exceptional equestrian skills, adeptly utilizing boleadoras, lances, and slingshots from horseback.

The Spiritual Path of Mapuche Warriors


Translated as "watch oneself" in Mapudungun, Trepelaimidzuam encapsulates the cultural philosophy that sustained Mapuche warfare for four centuries. It melds physical training, spiritual purification, and mental agility, endowing warriors with unparalleled resilience, pain tolerance, and fearlessness.

Epunamun: The Warrior's Deity

Epunamun, meaning "two feet" in Mapudungun, personifies a warrior deity with long arms, a normal torso, and malformed legs. Revered as a divine entity and representative of the Other World, Epunamun was consulted before battles for guidance, protection, and the bestowal of courage, strength, and integrity.

Notable Mapuche Warriors in History

Lautaro: A Strategic Genius

Lautaro, a renowned Mapuche leader in the mid-16th century, emerged as a strategic genius after being a captive of the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. His guerrilla tactics, intelligence gathering, and organizational skills posed a formidable challenge to the Spanish forces until his demise.

Caupolicán: The Respected Successor

Caupolicán, succeeding Lautaro, exemplified strength and leadership. Chosen as toqui after proving his mettle by holding a massive tree trunk over men for two days, he fought against the Spanish with determination, eventually meeting a tragic fate.


In conclusion, the Mapuche warriors, with their rich history, strategic acumen, and unwavering resilience, have left an indelible mark on the narrative of Chile. This article delves into their origins, training, spiritual beliefs, and the significant contributions of notable warriors, positioning Mapuches as a fascinating subject of historical exploration.

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