NFL Trade Deadline 2023: Key Players and Potential Moves (2024)


The NFL trade deadline in 2023 is poised to bring forth significant shifts in team dynamics and player placements. As the clock ticks closer to October 31 at 4 pm Eastern Time (8 pm GMT), the anticipation mounts, and numerous players are speculated to be on the move. The swirling rumors and potential trade options present an intriguing landscape, with several high-profile athletes drawing attention from multiple teams.

Danielle Hunter: EDGE - Minnesota Vikings

The status of Danielle Hunter with the Minnesota Vikings remains uncertain amidst the team's challenging 2-4 standing. Hunter, a pivotal figure, stands at a crossroads, with impending decisions surrounding quarterback Kirk Cousins and the team's future strategy. The team's direction is set to influence the trajectory of Hunter's position, especially given his standout performance this season, currently tied for first in sacks.

Potential Suitors for Hunter: Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills

Jerry Jeudy: WR - Denver Broncos

Jerry Jeudy, a name previously associated with trade talks, finds himself once again amid speculations, notably due to the Denver Broncos' tumultuous 1-5 standing. Jeudy's potential, marred by various challenges within the team, has led to discussions about his role and potential departure, offering a bargaining chip for the Broncos in reconfiguring their team dynamics.

Potential Suitors for Jeudy: Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts

Brian Burns: EDGE - Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns, a standout player for the Carolina Panthers, has been a subject of trade discussions. Despite being a cornerstone piece, the team's inability to secure a long-term deal with Burns has placed him at the forefront of potential free agency-bound options. His impressive track record and the need for a potential level-lifting addition make Burns an enticing prospect for teams considering a Championship run.

Potential Suitors for Burns: San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens

DeAndre Hopkins: WR - Tennessee Titans

The tenure of DeAndre Hopkins with the Tennessee Titans, despite their 2-4 standing, presents an interesting narrative. While the team underperforms in passing offense, Hopkins' skill set and experience make him an attractive asset for potential contenders seeking to enhance their receiving corps.

Potential Suitors for Hopkins: Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens

Chase Young: EDGE - Washington Commanders

Chase Young's return to form following a previous injury has sparked conversations about his future with the Washington Commanders. Young's potential as a game-changing player, coupled with the team's considerations about long-term investments, sets the stage for intriguing trade possibilities.

Potential Suitors for Young: Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons

Davante Adams/Hunter Renfrow: WR - Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders' offense, anchored by Davante Adams, encounters challenges in optimizing his elite skill set. The potential for Adams to influence games contrasts with the limited usage he has experienced, hinting at potential trade scenarios. Meanwhile, Hunter Renfrow, once a prominent slot receiver, faces decreased involvement, leading to speculation about his future within the team.

Potential Suitors for Adams/Renfrow: Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets


As the NFL trade deadline approaches, the potential for significant player movements and team reconfigurations looms large. The fates of key athletes like Jerry Jeudy, Danielle Hunter, DeAndre Hopkins, and others stand at the center of multiple trade discussions, offering opportunities for teams to bolster their lineups and strive for championship contention.

This comprehensive overview aims to shed light on the potential moves and players to watch as the NFL trade deadline unfolds, presenting a landscape ripe with anticipation and speculations within the league.

NFL Trade Deadline 2023: Key Players and Potential Moves (2024)
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