The Anatomy of Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West™ (2023)

Horizon Forbidden West™ takes us on a breathtaking journey into a fictional future, set 1,000 years after the "Great Extinction." In this lush and vibrant ecosystem, Earth is now home to a new dominant species – the Machines. These colossal robots roam the land, oceans, and skies, serving as guardians and enforcers of the restored natural order. Among these awe-inspiring, animal-like machines, the Tallnecks stand out.

As any dedicated player of the game knows, Tallnecks bear a striking resemblance to giraffes, both in their form and movement. They are peaceful and majestic creatures, aiding players in navigating the world. Now, a long-awaited dream has come true: You can build a highly detailed LEGO® exhibition model of these magnificent Tallnecks, immersing yourself in the mystical world ruled by Machines.

Horizon Zero Dawn™ and Horizon Forbidden West fans can rejoice as they bring the legendary Tallneck to life as a LEGO model for display on their sideboard. Through ingenious building techniques, we have authentically captured the unique details of the Tallnecks – from their flat, disc-shaped heads to their long, slender legs. Let's dive into the details of how we accomplished this feat.

Disc-Shaped Head

In the game, Tallnecks serve as communication towers, transmitting signals to other Machines. Players don't need to engage in combat with these unarmed and peaceful creatures. However, if one manages to climb onto their head, they can take control of the robot and access its data. The central data point on the round, flat head grants access to valuable information about the local terrain, aiding Aloy, the game's protagonist, in her world exploration.

As you can imagine, replicating the flat, smooth, and round head with angular LEGO bricks was no small challenge. LEGO designers had to develop entirely new building techniques to recreate this element. The head is the most complex part of the set, offering the most enjoyable building experience.

Long Neck and Armored Chest

LEGO model designer Isaac Snyder was captivated by Horizon Zero Dawn the first time he played it. "It's a futuristic world filled with amazing, strong characters, menacing Machines, and an exciting story," he explains. His most significant challenge was reproducing the structure of the iconic long neck while harmonizing the complex mechanical details and the robust yet slim neck.

The robot's "skeleton" is shielded by heavy armor, and it features a few long antenna platforms protruding from the rear part of the neck. All of this was executed with meticulous attention to detail.

Long Legs and Sturdy Feet

Tallnecks navigate their world using robust, athletic legs. To authentically replicate these legs and capture all the correct angles and curves, LEGO bricks had to be stacked on their edges. Careful thought went into designing the feet, ensuring they look as realistic as possible while seamlessly connecting to the baseplate. This model's base features tall grass where Aloy can hide from the Watcher – we've thought of every detail.

Step into the World of Horizon

This 1,222-piece LEGO® set stands over 34 cm high, 23 cm wide, and 17 cm deep. It was developed in collaboration with Guerrilla, the game studio behind Horizon Forbidden West. "The collaboration with Guerrilla was truly exceptional. The team's passion for Horizon Forbidden West and its fantastic worlds was remarkable, and they provided us with extensive support to create an authentic LEGO version," explains Isaac. The assembled model can be placed on a stand, showcasing a typical Horizon landscape complete with a birch tree and a rusty traffic light entwined with vines. Additionally, the set includes a Watcher that can be equipped with blue, yellow, or red eyes and a beautifully designed Aloy Minifigure.


Thanks to our close collaboration, we were able to incorporate references to the many legendary aspects of Horizon Forbidden West – from imposing Machines and mysterious ruins to unique tribes and stunning landscapes. "Because the Horizon community is so passionate and creative, we dedicated this model to them. Don't miss the opportunity to build your very own Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck!"

So, as you embark on this epic building journey, you'll not only gain a stunning piece of art for your collection but also a deeper connection to the captivating world of Horizon Forbidden West. The attention to detail in this LEGO model reflects our commitment to bringing this virtual realm to life in your home.

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