Watch Sky Bet Championship Matches Live on Sky Sports: October, November, and December Schedule (2024)


Are you a die-hard fan of the Sky Bet Championship? Do you want to catch all the action as it unfolds, from intense matches to spectacular goals? Look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we've got you covered with the most up-to-date information on how to watch Sky Bet Championship matches live on Sky Sports during October, November, and December. Whether you're a dedicated supporter of a particular team or just a football enthusiast, our guide will ensure you never miss a moment of the thrilling action.

October 2023 Schedule

Coventry vs Millwall, Monday, October 30, 8pm

Kick-starting the action in October, Coventry takes on Millwall. Don't miss this showdown as both teams battle it out to claim victory. You can catch the live action on Sky Sports Football and the Sky Sports App.

November 2023 Schedule

Leicester vs Leeds, Friday, November 3, 8pm

In early November, Leicester goes head to head with Leeds. This electrifying match will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Football and the Sky Sports App. Tune in for some top-notch football entertainment.

Norwich vs Blackburn, Sunday, November 5, 12pm

As the weekend rolls in, it's time for Norwich to face Blackburn. The game will be live on Sky Sports Football and the Sky Sports App at noon on Sunday. Get ready for a thrilling match!

Blackburn vs Preston, Friday, November 10, 8pm

Blackburn takes on Preston in another action-packed game. Watch this exciting clash live on Sky Sports Football and the Sky Sports App.

Continuing in November

  • Sunderland vs Birmingham, Saturday, November 11, 12:30pm
  • Rotherham vs Leeds, Friday, November 24, 8pm
  • West Brom vs Ipswich, Saturday, November 25, 5:30pm
  • Cardiff vs West Brom, Tuesday, November 28, 7:45pm
  • Coventry vs Plymouth, Tuesday, November 28, 7:45pm
  • Hull vs Rotherham, Tuesday, November 28, 7:45pm
  • Middlesbrough vs Preston, Tuesday, November 28, 7:45pm
  • QPR vs Stoke, Tuesday, November 28, 7:45pm
  • Watford vs Norwich, Tuesday, November 28, 8pm

This November, be sure to keep an eye on these fixtures to catch the live action on Sky Sports.

December 2023 Schedule

Blackburn vs Birmingham, Wednesday, November 29, 7:45pm

The end of November transitions into an exciting December schedule. Blackburn faces Birmingham in a captivating match. Tune in for live coverage on Sky Sports Football.

Continuing in December

  • Preston vs QPR, Friday, December 1, 8pm
  • West Brom vs Leicester, Saturday, December 2, 12:30pm
  • Coventry vs Birmingham, Friday, December 8, 8pm
  • Sunderland vs West Brom, Saturday, December 9, 12:30pm
  • Sunderland vs Leeds, Tuesday, December 12, 8pm
  • Watford vs Ipswich, Tuesday, December 12, 7:45pm
  • Middlesbrough vs Hull, Wednesday, December 13, 8pm
  • Ipswich vs Norwich, Saturday, December 16, 12:30pm
  • Birmingham vs Leicester, Monday, December 18, 8pm

How to Watch Championship Matches Live on Sky

To watch these exciting Championship matches live on Sky, there are a few options:

  1. Sky Sports Football: Many matches are broadcast live on Sky Sports Football, ensuring you have access to the most popular games.
  2. Sky Sports Football Red Button: Selected games are also available on the Red Button, so you can catch even more football action.
  3. Sky Sports App: For the ultimate convenience, every match is streamed live on the Sky Sports app. Simply sign in with your Sky iD to access the games.
  4. For Sky Q Customers: If you're a Sky Q customer, you'll enjoy the added benefit of matches on the Red Button being available in HD quality at no extra cost. Plus, all games, including those on the Red Button, will have their own dedicated commentators.


The Sky Bet Championship is heating up, and there's no better way to experience the excitement than by watching the matches live on Sky Sports. With an extensive schedule spanning October, November, and December, football fans are in for a treat. Whether you're cheering for your favorite team or just soaking in the thrilling atmosphere, our guide has you covered. Don't miss a single kick, goal, or unforgettable moment of the Championship - tune in and enjoy the action!

Watch Sky Bet Championship Matches Live on Sky Sports: October, November, and December Schedule (2024)
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