Dig in to Know Your Go-To Pashmina Fashion Guide for this Summer!

You’re a certified fashion-lover if you go gaga over anything that comes in a pashmina fabric.

P&W’s new range of yellow cashmere pashminas is made from finely woven cashmere wool. You can feel the velvety soft touch of the scarf while draping it around your neck.

yellow pashmina

Going yellow!

The yellow hue radiates a bold and robust fashion statement that people often fails to understand. However, if you’re once hooked to this bright colour palette, you can never go back again!

For some, yellow means going too bold. However, you can always choose its other shades which are lighter with a touch of the creamy brush of yellow.

Cashmere shawls are made using the premium fabric which you can also wear as a scarf, wrapper or a sarong.

The shawl emits a sense of tranquillity from your personality. The bright yellow pashmina also makes you the head-turner of that house party to which you went wearing it.

Pashmina for all occasions

Pashmina comes in a wide range of colour and texture, starting from cashmere to merino wool to even viscose and polyester.

Drape your favourite yellow pashmina in whichever style you like to make the best impression wherever you go.

How to carry a pashmina?

  • Wear your pashmina in the European style, where you fold the scarf in half before draping it around your neck. Fold the ends around the hoop to keep it comfortably snug. Or, you can leave those loose ends to flow with the summer wind.
  • Picnics are your favourite outings in the summer. So let’s make the most of it with a stylish Yellow Cutwork Midi Bardot Dress from Dorothy Perkins and a yellow pashmina hanging loosely from your neckline or dangling it loosely from your handbag. Won’t you look lovely!
  • Sarongs are a great way as well to drape the P&W’s yellow pashmina. Wear them on a beach or over your jeans. That’s how you going to rock the cashmere scarf girl!

Go casual with your yellow cashmere pashmina

Team up your favourite pashmina with a Cropped Pale Lemon Trouser Pants and a floral print top while going to work or college. You can’t carry your casual wear better than this.

You can also try a Chi Chi Mandie Dress along with the P&W’s yellow pashmina that elegantly compliments your dress. Wear it both as casual wear and for the perfect date night.

Even when you pair your yellow pashminawith casuals, making a bold statement is never difficult.

The yellow colour never fails to amaze, and when the bright yellow teams up with the pashmina fabric, it’s a pair to die for!

Let’s start making some bold and witty statements with these yellow pashmina this summer!

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