What’s a Blog Administrator?

Blog administration may be one of the most interesting ‘wizard behind the curtain’ jobs.  Have you heard of it? You know that blogging started several years ago with an insurgence of ‘Dear Diary’ writers pouring their hearts out.  The movie ‘Julie and Julia’ was based on a blog, actually. Then SEO caught on and businesses adopted the concept.   Well, behind every great, or not so great, blog is a blog administrator.   The blog administration should not be confused with the actual writing of a blog.  There is a plethora of tasks, that go along with blog administration that have nothing at all to do with copy writing.

Blog Administrator

Let’s review them:

  • Adding photos is often key.  Illustrations are a great way to express yourself or tie together the topic of your post. They also engage the reader on one more level.
  • Meta tagging might not be something you’ve heard about.  It’s a blog administrators best kept secret. These are the words used to describe the blog post behind the scenes. When done correctly, they help people find your blog.
  • Topics of the blog should be tweaked by a blog administrator. Wondering why?  We all need a little help from our friends.  Having the right topic pop out can make all the difference between who comes to your blog (and reads it.)
  • Posting to Social Media may be done by a blog administrator for you. While there are various schools of thought on how, when and the best way to do this, there is no question it should be done.
  • Engagement of a targeted audience is another behind the scenes necessary task. Blog administrators will try to find the ponds where your potential readers are swimming.  Then they work to get the articles posted and read by those, um, fish, you want to catch. (Sorry, sorry, but that’s actually a very accurate metaphor.)
  • Forum and additional blog writer engagement also helps build your readership. Does that make sense?  Engaging with colleagues is always highly recommended. Of course, there’s a strategy for which colleagues … but that’s between your blog administrator and your blog.
  • Linking can be done well to get you more traffic. Linking is what connects one blog or topic to another. Again, an experienced blog administrator will know what gets you Google juice or what gives it away. They will also keep it contained to pertinent topics within the blog for you.


Ultimately, a blog administrator is, in fact, the wizard behind your blog curtain. Writing a successful blog isn’t just about having a fantastic piece of work. You have to attach all the bells and whistles to increase your readership and get noticed.
Are you the wizard? What technical tasks did I miss on this list that you perform as the blog administrator? Any feedback on which software you like best for blogging?

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