Why Hire an Amazon Advertising Copywriter?

Words sell things.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of words in the sales process. Without words, billions of dollars in daily commerce would stop dead in its tracks, putting millions of people out of work. Yes, words have that much effect.

Politicians may flatter themselves into thinking they are the steam pushing the turbines of economic activity. You and I in the real world of the Amazon marketplace business, where our paychecks don’t come unless we go out and earn them, understand that words are what drives commerce.


If it’s not worth writing about, it’s not worth buying.

How many great product ideas are conceived in brilliant minds, only to remain ideas because they never made it to the written page for birth into the real world? Words bring ideas to fruition; they turn intriguing thoughts into powerful realities. They are not a mere part of the creative process, they ARE the creative process.

If it can’t be described in words, it may as well not exist. It is a blank page. Make no mistake: Words are the economic engine that motivates buyers to buy and sellers to sell.

Those of us who study words know how powerful they are. Those who don’t only need to read the Wall Street Journal to learn the lesson. The words of a trusted market luminary can bring buyers out of hiding for a terrific stock run, adding millions of dollars in market capitalization to a company’s value. Or, just as quickly, negative words about a company can strike fear into the heart of an investor, causing a selling frenzy and deflating that value.

For better or worse, words sell things. And we all know that nothing happens until somebody sells something.

What are you selling on Amazon?

Are you as successful at it as you want to be? Do you have a great product, but not enough customers? Do you believe your company could grow exponentially if it just communicates better with potential customers?

If you have a product or service to sell I will help you get your message out to the customers and clients who are interested in buying it. As an advertising copywriter who writes daily for numerous businesses, I can do wonders to help your Amazon business harness the power of words to motivate, inspire, capture, convert, and otherwise keep the engines of commerce humming.

I would like to improve your bottom line and tangibly add value to your company. I’m passionate about building Amazon businesses. Let’s get started building yours.

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